My Book Is Officially on Sale!

My Book Is Officially on Sale!

To buy my fantasy novel The Apprentice to Zdrell, here are my current links: (print and e-book) Audible US (audio book) , Audible UK URL , Audible FR , Audible DE Amazon AU ,   Amazon JP , Amazon UK  , Amazon DE Thoughts on the day of my book’s release I never would …

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International Pre-sales!?

International Pre-sales!?

One of the interesting things about having my book up for pre-sale is that Amazon gives you some pretty detailed information on how many people have purchased  and where they’ve purchased. Apparently, I’ve written a book with international appeal. Who knew? So far I’ve had pre-orders from the UK, Germany, Japan, and Australia, in addition …

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I now know why people pay others to format their e-books

Formatting an e-book looks like it should be easy. I mean, Amazon makes it sound pretty simple, and if you have an all-text novel like mine it should be a snap, right? Not so much. As in everything, the devil is in the details. There are lots of different tools available and every one has …

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Audio book production progress

Audio book production progress

My narrator has finished initial narration of the entire book, The Apprentice to Zdrell. We are now in the mastering and post-production phase. Everything is on track for the audio book to release simultaneously with the print and e-book editions.

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We have a release date!

We have a release date!

On November 12th, 2018, The Apprentice to Zdrell the first book in my fantasy trilogy goes on sale. We are planning for “triple-play” release, you will be able to get it in e-book, print, or audio book. Unlike traditional publishers, the prices for the various editions reflect their actual production and distribution costs. So, e-book …

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Actual Movement

Ok, after years of doing nothing on this trilogy, I now have movement. I joined a local writing group a month back or so and it has inspired me both to get back writing and to get the first volume of the Zdrell trilogy out the door. For years I dithered, primarily because I didn’t …

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Returning from the Dead

It has been a long time since I posted and a long time since I have done anything serious about writing. Both of these things are soon to change. I am actively looking at getting a cover created for The Apprentice. This has, ostensibly, been my excuse for not pulling the trigger and releasing the …

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Back after being hacked

Everyone said, “There are new attacks out there for WP, you should really change your password immediately.” And I did, . . . nothing. No big thing right? Yeah, well I learned something. Even if you post rarely, that doesn’t make your site any less of a target. Groan. Oh Internet, why must there be …

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