Journeyman Illustration

While the demons show up in every volume of the trilogy, a new type character shows up in Journeyman, The Charzen. Think of them as a super powered human in the service of the demons (after having paid quite a price for the privilege.). Anyhow, here’s my artist’s take on a Charzen.

Also, I’m considering posting on the site the scene where a man is transformed to a Charzen. If folks want to read it, I’ll post it. I’ve been told that the process is too graphically violent for some folks, but I’ve been getting that feedback from all of the demon scenes in this second book.

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  1. Seth

    Post it! It IS pretty intense, but it also explains what the Charzen go through in exchange for their massive power upgrade! Which is pretty cool. Incidentally, I always sort of pictured the Charzen looking like “The Thing” from Fanatstic 4, only black with glowing orange radiating through the cracks like embers. I know that’s not exactly how you described them but somehow that’s how they came out in my head! =) Ah, the beauty of writing is stoking your readers’ imaginations.


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