New Map for the Continent

Quite a few years ago, while I was still working on the first Draft of The Apprentice, I sat down and did a rough map for the planet Klastra and the continent of Skryla, where the action takes place in the trilogy. A couple of years later I got serious and took my hand drawn map and drew it out in a fairly accurate illustration.

Now, I’m no artist, as anyone will tell you, but I spent a fair chunk of time and came up with something that looked like a real map, though it was just an outline for the continents, the political boundaries, and the capital cities of each country.

I knew that, while the map was better than nothing, it wasn’t up to par and since the next volume, Journeyman has our hero literally moving all over the continent, I needed a better map. So, I commissioned one based off my old map. Here is a reduced detail black and white version of it. I have full-color, full resolution versions which I am going to make available to folks who sign up to my email list.

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