First Draft Journeyman is Done!!!!!

The last three months I have been pushing so hard to finish this book (or at least get the first draft done, since, editing still needs to happen, sigh). It has been a crazy effort and at times I felt like I was in the desert chasing after a heat mirage. Why, you ask? Well, I had originally scoped Journeyman to be around 120-130,000 words. I hit the 130k mark on December 31st, but unfortunately still had more to go.

I’ve known (or thought I knew) the scenes I needed to get written to finish this thing for several months now. The problem is that when I wrote the scenes, they kept being longer than I’d anticipated. Not only that, but extra scenes kept sneaking in, making themselves neccessary. Most frustrating.

But, that frustration is past. I just finally got to write “The End of Volume II” and I’m done (except for all the editing and revisions and, and, yeah, maybe not so done).

Oh, and how big is it. Well, my word counter in Word says 163,557. Which translates to 700 old school manuscript pages (which are pretty comparable to typical mass-market paperback pages, even though this will almost certainly never be released in that format).

So the song keeps going through my head “every new beginning starts with some other beginning’s end.”

On to the edit!


    • dave

      I wish I could say that this means I will have it out early, but as I have A LOT of editing to do to take this first draft to final draft and published, I have to say it’s not likely to be done before June. Thanks for asking.


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