2022 the year of The Master

Hey everyone. Happy 2022. I can say I started the year out right and wrote over 1700 words today, and I may yet write some more. I’ve chronicled already my various difficulties with writing in 2021. In the last two months of 2021 I managed to add a little over 30,000 words to The Master of Zdrell, so I am genuinely making progress. At this point I am committed to getting the book in your hands by the end of 2022. Journeyman released in December of 2019, which seems incredible to me at this point. This is going to be a big book. Apprentice was about 135K words, Journeyman clocked in at 165K, and Master is looking to be close to 200K. In the fantasy genre that is not all that huge. All of the volumes in Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time saga were between 225-400K words each. Harry Potter volumes 4+ all clocked in at over 200K, so I’m in good company.

The downside to large word counts is that everything takes longer and costs more. Once I send this off to an editor, it won’t be quick or cheap. But I truly hope that the end result lives up to your expectation.

As promised, I’ll keep you in the loop. If you haven’t already, visit the website, sign up for the newsletter and get a free copy of Wizard Aspirant.

May 2022 be magical for all of you.

David K. Bennett

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